Know the Role of Solar Battery Storage in Hurricane Preparedness!

Tesla Powerwall Installation

In sunny Cape Coral, Florida, hurricanes are a yearly concern. Being prepared isn’t just smart; it’s a must. SeeMore Solar, your trusted local solar experts, knows how crucial it is to get ready for hurricanes. And here’s where solar battery storage comes into play.

You’ve probably seen solar panels on rooftops all over Cape Coral, giving homes green energy. But it’s when you add solar battery storage that things get exciting, especially when a hurricane is on the horizon. Learn the benefits here!

Uninterrupted Power Supply During Outages

Reinforced Energy Resilience

Shielded Against Peak-Time Expenses

Environmental Advantages

Our Battery Storage Products at SeeMore Solar

SeeMore Solar offers advanced solutions, including Enphase and Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage, designed to store surplus solar energy generated during the day.

(10-year limited warranty)

Enphase IQ Batteries are a smart energy storage solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your solar system, providing you with greater energy independence and resilience.


Every Tesla solar system seamlessly incorporates Powerwall, a compact home battery that reduces your dependence on the grid by storing the solar energy it generates for later use, especially during periods when the sun isn’t shining.

Secure Your Hurricane-Ready Solar Battery Storage in Cape Coral, FL

Solar Panel Installation

Don’t wait until the next hurricane arrives. Contact SeeMore Solar today to explore our solar battery storage options in Cape Coral, FL, and fortify your home against the next storm. Reach our staff at (239) 243-9191 or connect with us online to schedule an appointment.

The exciting world of clean sustainable energy is within your reach.

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