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Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution

As the sun shines brightly over Naples, Florida, SeeMore Solar invites you to make the most of our abundant sunshine year-round. We offer advanced solar pool heating systems, designed to provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution to keeping your pool at the perfect temperature all year long.

Solar pool heating is a game-changer. Why settle for seasonal pool usage when you can enjoy warm, inviting pool temperatures every day of the year? With a SeeMore Solar pool heating system, you’re investing in the gift of endless summer, extending the swimming season for you and your family.

Engineered with the latest solar technology, our solar pool heaters capture the sun’s energy efficiently and transfer that heat directly to your pool. With zero operating costs and a significant reduction in your pool heating bills, your solar pool heater will pay for itself in no time. Plus, you’re choosing a greener alternative that’s kind to our planet.

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With over 45 years of innovation and patented technology, our panels have made it easy to heat your pool with solar energy! FAFCO® was the first to invent solar pool heating in 1969 and have been the leader in solar swimming technology ever since. Our system is the ONLY one on the market that does the following:

Efficient & Uniform Heating

The system has a patented water flow metering system, unique to FAFCO® panels. It ensures water fills each and every panel equally. As a result, the only panels in SWFL which distribute water evenly.

More Water = More Heat

FAFCO® solar pool heaters have 2-inch plumbing and almost twice as many tubes as our competitors. With a fully-wetted surface, more water is able to flow through the panels, more quickly.

Less Plumbing
On Your Roof

There is less plumbing on the roof of our customers. The pool water feeds into the solar panel on the same side as the heated water that returns to your pool.

As a leading solar water heating provider, Techno-Solis offers energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions for your hot water needs. Let’s explore the benefits of Techno-Solis Solar Water Heating and discover how it can enhance your home or business.

Top Performing Panel

Each Techno-Solis Panel produces a staggering 1,006 BTU per ft² per day.

Achieve OG-400 Certification

First certifications for our solar swimming pool water heating systems.

Reinforced Pipe Weld

Provides extra strength allowing our panels to withstand hurricane force winds!

Rugged Construction

Panels are 35% thicker than any other panel for superior durability and longer life.

Connected Flow Tubes

Create insulation that reduces heat loss. Other panels allow heat to escape .

Sunstar solar pool heating offers all the benefits of traditional pool heating with reduced energy costs over time, all backed by a 12-year warranty. In addition, SunStar’s energy-efficient floating-panel technology provides a maintenance-free heating solution that extends your swim season. An excellent option for both home and commercial pools, SunStar does not disappoint when it comes to performance and durability.


Backed by a lifetime-limited warranty, solar pool heating panels are built to last 20+ years and require no recurring maintenance.

No Operating Costs

After your initial investment for installation and materials, a solar pool heater pays for itself over time.

Longer Pool Seasons

Self-contained solar pool heating systems continuously cycle warm water so you can enjoy your pool all year long!

Increase Property Value

With a rising demand for solar home upgrades, investing in solar pool heating can amplify the value of your home!

Keep Your Pool Warmer

Solar pool heating systems efficiently heat water as it moves up through the panel and flows back into your pool warmed .

Simple Functionality

No internal controls, wiring or moving parts. Solar pool heating systems can stand up to a wide range of pH and pool water chemistry.

Return on Investment

A solar pool heating system will typically pay for itself within three years, compared to a new gas or electric pool heater installation.

Built Right heaters are designed and manufactured by an experienced pool heat pump engineer, as well as experienced pool heat pump technicians. Only quality products with superior track records are used during production. All materials used are sourced from American suppliers. Built Right Pool Heat Pumps have been tested and certified to meet AHRI standards for BTU & COP, as well as UL safety standards.

Built Right Pool Heater

All Built Right Heaters are equipped with a user friendly remote compatible control board, (i.e. Jandy, Hayward, Goldline, Pentair and Intermatic). The Built Right XW series heaters are among the quietest and most efficient heaters on the market today. All Built Right Pool Heaters use a hard-shell PVC heat exchanger with titanium tubing. The titanium tubing is highly resistant to chemical damage and is also covered for the entire length of the warranty, regardless of pool chemistry conditions. No exclusions apply.

Solar Pool Heating FAQs

Our solar pool heat utilizes patented black polymer panels that typically get attached to a home’s roof. Under the intensity of the Florida sun, these black panels get very hot. The pool pump then pulls cool water from the pool and pushes it up into the panels. The panels are specially designed to transfer the heat to the water as it flows through them. As the water flows through each of the hot panels it warms substantially and then is returned to the pool. The end result is a significantly longer and more comfortable swimming season.

Yes! While many people find that solar alone is enough to meet their needs; using solar in conjunction with another heater has its advantages. Using the two systems together can give the owner the best of both worlds. Solar will keep a consistent elevated temp and has no operating cost. Then they have an electric or gas heater to add heat as desired.

This gives the flexibility to achieve a specific temp regardless of weather conditions such as a cold snap or cloudy day and avoid the exorbitant energy cost of using gas or electric full time.

More on Solar Pool Heaters

Typically, your existing pump and equipment is perfectly sufficient to operate solar. Occasionally, a different pump may be needed if the home is multiple stories or the existing pump is particularly old/undersized.

There are a number of variables that come in to play when determining how many panels are needed. The largest of these variables is how warm the owner is wanting their pool. Other factors are pool size, roof size, house orientation, and shading. Ideally, we recommend matching the square footage of solar to the square footage of the pool.

If you have questions about how many panels are needed for your home, please contact us.

The Spring and Fall months are where solar shines and can reach temperatures well into the 80’s. Homeowners typically regulate their solar during this time to keep their pool at the desired temperature. During the Summer months, most homeowners turn their system off to keep the pool from becoming undesirably warm. In the Winter months, the cool nights can cause the pool temperatures to fall fairly quickly. To mitigate this, it is common for homeowners to utilize a blanket or cover.

An unheated pool will maintain the same temperature as the Gulf of Mexico. An appropriately sized solar system will heat a pool between 10-15 degrees above the Gulf temp. Here is a chart we prepared illustrating the average temperatures you can expect with solar. Keep in mind these are averages gathered from years of data and measured temps can vary substantially depending on current weather patterns.

Naples, FL Most Trusted Solar Pool Heater Contractor

At SeeMore Solar, we understand that each pool and homeowner has unique requirements. That’s why our team of experts will work closely with you to design a solar pool heating system tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

We’re proud to represent leading FAFCO, Sunstar, Techno-Solis and Build Right brands in the industry, and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none. All our installations are handled by trained professionals, promising you a seamless and hassle-free transition to solar pool heating.

Make the smart switch to solar and transform your pool into a warm, inviting oasis with SeeMore Solar. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you harness the power of the sun for a more comfortable, enjoyable, and eco-friendly pool experience. At SeeMore Solar, you’ll see more savings, more comfort, and more fun in the sun. Let’s dive in together!

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