With over 45 years of innovation and patented technology, our panels have made it easy to heat your pool with solar energy! FAFCO® was the first to invent solar pool heating in 1969 and have been the leader in solar swimming technology ever since. Our system is the ONLY one on the market that does the following:

Solar Pool Heating Uniform Heating

Efficient & Uniform Heating

The system has a patented water flow metering system, unique to FAFCO® panels. A subheader ensures water fills each and every panel equally. As a result, Fafco Solar has the only panels in SWFL which distribute water evenly, with no hotspots.

Solar Pool Heating 2-inch Plumbing Pipe

More Water = More Heat

FAFCO® solar pool heaters have 2-inch plumbing and almost twice as many tubes as our competitors. With a fully-wetted surface, more water is able to flow through the panels, more quickly. More water means more heat to our customers.

Water Pipes for Solar Pool Heating

Less Plumbing On Your Roof

There is less plumbing on the roof of our customers. The pool water feeds into the solar panel on the same side as the heated water that returns to your pool.

The exciting world of clean sustainable energy is within your reach.

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Made of durable, lightweight, ultraviolet-resistant polyolefin material with blended proprietary additives.


Crafted at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility under exacting, quality control standards.


Limited warranty and limited lifetime replacement warranty of 12 years supplied by the manufacturer.

How It Works

There is less plumbing on the roof of our customers. The pool water feeds into the solar panel on the same side as the heated water that returns to your pool.

Pool Getting Too Cold?

TWe can show you how to use the Sun to heat your pool for free.

Solar Pool Heater
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Solar Pool Heater Solar SunSaver System

SunSaver™ System

FAFCO’s SunSaver™ System sets the industry standard for solar pool heating systems. Heat your pool far beyond the few warm pool days of summer with this high-performance solar heating system.

Just as important, you won’t have to pay a dime in pool heating bills. Enjoy free heat from the sun and months more swimming fun with the most reliable name in solar pool heating – FAFCO.

Solar Pool Heating 2-inch Plumbing Pipe

SunSaver™ ST System

The SunSaver ST is a separated tube solar panel design with separated tubes that allow for an easier and more flexible installation around stand pipers (or on tile roof!).

Continuous innovation provides you with the most solar pool heating options. Better heating performance is provided by the patented Flow Metering System. Let us raise your pool temperature up to 12 degrees+ with the SunSaver ST system

Solar Benefits

We all know solar is better!
Free Environment-Friendly Energy From The Sun
Double Your Swim Season With Luxuriously Warm Water
Dramatically Reduces Or Eliminates Pool Heating Costs
Adds Value To Your Pool, Home, and Life