"Fafco solar is the best Solar Company around in my opinion they have everything you need to get you hooked up on or off the grid the difference in their company is high quality materials they don’t use cheap solar panels solar tubes Etc only the highest quality solar panels will be installed on your roof very knowledgeable staff and technicians they are there to help you along the way and answer any questions you have about solar highly recommend Fafco solar to anybody interested in solar panels of any kind."
- Shane France
"I used a couple of Solar companies. FAFCO Solar is great. They know what they are doing and have been able to help me when others couldn’t. They are the best."
- Michael Imburgia
This company is top of the line in customer service, work ethic and finished product. When you are ready to take a step in the renewable energy field -call FAFCO, without any hesitation! THANK YOU FAFCO team."
- Constance Hutson
"We had 9 new Solar Pool Heating Panels installed by Falco when we re-roofed with aluminum shake panels. Their product and their installation method (and SS hardware) was much better than what we had before from a well known competitor. Also, their price was good too! Excellent company! The only caveat is that I had to direct the installer as to where/how I wanted the down pipes to run, but other than that there were no problems and it was a very easy and professional looking install. I was pleased beyond expectation."
- Steven Wollam
"Fafco Solar was fantastic! I called interested in a solar system. John Spinnler came by and introduced himself and had so much incredible information. I ended up purchasing an 8.91kW system and my meter is officially spinning backward! Soon I will be installing two Telsa Powerwalls that Fafco will help with. I also purchased a solar pool system from them with a new variable speed pump and filter which saved me even more energy! On top of that a solar attic fan which helped pull out any hot air in the attic! Amazing team of people and on top of it! Love them! Any future work I do related to energy will always be with these guys."
- Jason Santosuosso
"Just had a leaking solar panel replaced by Fafco solar. The lady on the phone as I scheduled my apt told me that although they have been up for 10 yrs+, they are still under warranty. A young gentleman by the name of Chris came out and replaced the panel. It just proves to me that when you employ reputable companies they stand behind their product. Thank you Fafco."
- Carolee Rowan
"Shout out to Fafco Solar! 3 days after Hurricane Irma ripped off half our roof shingles and we’d spent the last 72 hours hitting road blocks with insurance companies, banks and contractors, and not finding anybody who could put a tarp over the gaping hole in our roof that used to be a skylight, we called Fafco and BOOM! They were there within the hour to remove the leaking solar panels AND they hung the tarp for us!! WE LOVE THIS COMPANY!!"
- Deb Pullan
"Everyone was amazing! Fafco had installed my panels 7 years ago. They had to come out to take them off my roof so I could get a new roof. Their customer service was AMAZING. Their service department was AWESOME! They came out to remove the panels the exact day I needed it done, and as soon as I was able to get them back out to reinstall they were there. The service department, the customer service department, everyone was great. Answered all my questions, gave me to best advice on reinstall, you can tell they truly care about their customers. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!"
- Kathleen Brady
"I just wanted to say thank you for being a professional outfit. It was a patient process to successfully install a system of this complexity, and you did so with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our customers were extremely pleased with not only the product thus far, but also the orientation that Ian conducted at the end of the project. He was very informative and friendly! Please tell him thank you once again. Thank you to Melissa for handling ALL the details along the way- especially the FPL net metering process. John- Thank you for wrangling it all together from beginning to end. Great work to you and to all once again. We will look forward to the next project together."
- Robert Zella, Project Manager at BUILD, LLC
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