SeeMore / Fafco Solar is a 3rd generation, family-owned, and locally operated solar company. We offer SW Florida the highest quality products and workmanship for over 50 years. SeeMore / Fafco Solar represents the leading brands in the industry bringing you all the latest innovations: SunPower, Tesla, and FAFCO. Our team of factory-trained employees allows us to stand behind our work 100% and we are passionate about helping homeowners and small businesses “go solar”. Due to our vast knowledge and expertise, our company services all brands of solar systems and we adopt customers that have been abandoned by other companies on a daily basis.



Our tagline, “Less Harm ~ More Harmony” captures the essence of what we believe is important and what we strive for. We focus on five entities: the customer, the company, our coworkers, ourselves, and our earth. The products we offer satisfy our customers’ needs without harming the environment. We believe “Less Harm ~ More Harmony” is the best way to do business. Not only are we helping SW Florida homeowners and businesses transition to clean, sustainable energy, We also support other organizations doing good in the world: Pachamama Alliance, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and Future Forestry.

House Illustration with Solar Panel on the roof

Ward Morrissey Sr, Ward Morrissey Jr, and Dan Morrissey celebrating the opening of their Cape Coral office in 1977.

FAFCO Dan and Jr and Ward Morrissey

Our History

Solar Pool Heaters of SW Florida
It all started in 1974 when Ward Morrissey, Jr, saw the future was going to be solar energy in response to the Energy Crisis. Back then, swimming pools were heated only with propane gas. Solar pool heaters were a new innovation and with thousands of pools already installed in SW Florida, Ward believed he saw a great opportunity and started a company aptly named… Solar Pool Heaters of SW Florida.
Dan joined the Team
Ward's son, Dan, joined him, and together they installed about 300 solar pool heaters in three years.
FAFCO Exclusive Dealer

Ward met with Freeman Ford, the founder of FAFCO, and became their exclusive dealer in SW Florida.

By the end of 1977, Ward had built a 3,000 sq ft warehouse in Cape Coral. (Where we still are today.)

Solar Pool Heaters, Inc.
Ward officially incorporated his business in Florida in 1979 as Solar Pool Heaters, Inc.
More Warehouse
Ward built another 5,000 sq ft warehouse to support the growth of FAFCO in Florida.
Ward Morrissey Death

Ward Morrissey, Jr dies of cancer at age 59

Fafco Solar
Solar Pool Heaters, Inc started doing business as (dba) Fafco Solar. The reason: 30% of revenue was coming from solar hot water heating. The name "Solar Pool Heaters" didn't represent an accurate picture of how the company was expanding.
New President
Dan Morrissey becomes President of the company.
First Solar Electric Panels Installed
We installed our first solar electric panels for a homeowner concerned about Y2K.
Ian joined the Company

Dan's son, Ian, joined the company.

Changing Our Name... Again

Dan changed the name to Fafco Solar from Solar Pool Heaters because it did not accurately represent our product line.
We are now in the same position moving from Fafco Solar to SeeMore Solar.
The SeeMore Solar name will allow us to expand to other high-quality products such as PV and battery storage without the need to change the name in the future.
By changing our name, we are not abandoning any customers. In fact, we adopt a lot of customers abandoned by other companies.A new generation = a new name.
Dan chose the name Fafco Solar because he was so proud to represent FAFCO, the manufacturer. However, that choice has always created a bit of confusion.
So, we’ve been feeling the need for a new name.
The third generation is taking over. Our product line is shifting. And it’s time for a new name, again.

[A quick back track] In 2005, Dan incorporated a smiling sun into Fafco Solar’s branding. People seemed to like it. We named him Seymour.
Why Seymour you ask? Well, we enjoy attempts at cleverness. When you take our family name, Morrissey, and say it backward, it comes out as Seymour.
At least close enough for us. And… when the sun shines, you “see more”. The name stuck and we have enjoyed Seymour’s smile for 15 years.

So when it came time to think of a new name, Seymour Solar was a natural. Only we felt we had to put another twist to it, and it became SeeMore Solar.
We liked it. It stuck. Done.

Certifications and Awards

Tesla Power Wall Certified Installer
Angie's List Super Service Award
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Home Advisor Certificate
SunPower Authorized Dealer Logo
OSHA Certified Logo
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